Woodsman B&T

Having given the Knife that I got from Bernie Garland a run at some woodwork yesterday, I decided to give it a lash at some food preparation today.

I was going to bone out a chicken, roll and stuff it for Sunday lunch, so I used the Woodsman B&T knife. It was easy to use for this task. The 3mm thickness ment it coped well with cutting close to the bones when removing the meat. It was thin enough to cut the cartlidge between bones, something that the thicker 4mm blades can sometimes struggle with.

Removing the carcass.

Cutting up a chicken carcass

In this picture you can see me choking up on the knife, where I move my hand right forward up the handle. The small finger guard allows me to do this easily. A large finger guard would have made this much more dificult.

Removing the chicken carcass

And the carcass being removed.

Here is the open bird ready to have the remaining bones removed.

Ready for the bones to be removed


I used a variety of different grips.

Food prep with Woodsman B&T

The last of the bones being removed

Last of the bones removed

And the completed Chicken, boned, stuffed and rolled. Ready for the Oven.

Next, after a good clean up, came the vegetable preperation.

First some Leeks

Sliced leeks

Some Parsnips

Some Onion (finely sliced) and that's Lunch sorted out.

Finally sliced oinions

The bones went to make stock.