I made a spoon with my new whittling knife from Bernie last night to compare it with my usual Del Stubbs large sloyd.

Pic showing woodcarvers

Robin designed this blade shape and asked Del to make it up because we liked so much his small sloyd knife (on the right in the picture) but it was only really good for the fine finishing work I do. To do power cuts when roughing out spoons you need a bigger knife. Prior to this we tended to use the Frosts on the left - a general purpose bushcraft knife (like a clipper) tends to feel clumsy being too deep in the blade.

So, here's the two together (we just got blades from Del and put our own handles on - this one's laburnum) ...

Comparing Del Stubbs to Bernie Garland

So, I swapped backwards and forwards between the two last night, trying out the same cuts with both to compare. I found Bernie's worked easily as well. It came really sharp and held a good edge - even after Robin had been using it on some really dry ash he was making an adze handle out of. The profile felt right and I could happily work both power cuts near the handle and finer cuts near the tip.

Improvements? Well, nothing major. As I said when I gave my first impressions, I like the way Del really rounds the back of the blade as it is much kinder on your thumb when you're pushing there. The handle is also a little sleek and smooth. Whilst it looks great (you should have seen my daughter's eyes light up when she saw it last night - I'm going to have to hide it from her!) it doesn't give a very positive grip. For the sort of power cuts I do with a larger knife it needs to feel firm in the hand.

So, it's a great knife Bernie, thanks soooooo much