Over the last couple of years I have been working on refining the perfect knife for the range of work that I do which is primarily woodcarving.

see here for some of the prototypes.  http://www.britishblades.com/forums/...ct+woodcarving

There are some excellent knives out there but all bushcraft type knives are too deep for me as it means they can not carve concave areas and many are too thick too. Most also have too much belly and since I don't use these knives for skinning large animals that big rounded section of blade just stops it from being as good at carving. I have reground various knives and forged some of my own and eventually got a shape I am happy with. Del Stubbs now makes it in the US and calls it "extra large Sloyd". Just before Christmas Bernie invited me over to see how he makes his knives and to make one to my design. I'll post the pics of his workshop in a few days when I have more time but for now here is the knife.

Here are the blades Bernie made, one stick tang and one full tang.

Stick tang and full tang woodcarver blades


Bernie gave me a lovely pair of stabilised bukeye burr scales for it but when I got home I felt I really could not use imported wood so cut some from an old dry rowan burr from the shed. This grew 1/4 mile from my workshop.

Rowan burr to be used for the handle


Showing blade against Rowan Burr


Here is the knife, it works a treat, and I think it is a nice mix of traditional scandi with the robustness of a full tang bushcraft knife, I would probably fatten the handle slightly on another.

The finished knife - Woodcarver


Woodcarver with Rowan Burr handle


If you want one of these blades I ma sure Bernie would be happy to make them, be aware though that it is a different design to Bernie's standard whittler which you can see on his site.