The Recurve Bushcraft Knife

This is my style of bushcraft knife, it has more of a belly than the Woodlore and in my opinion its design is more suited to dressing animals and cutting wood for camp duties as opposed to making spoons. Although on saying that, if you have a look on the Mors Kochanski page you will see a couple of photos of a netting needle carved using one of these knives.

The Scandi ground blade profile, used by the Scandinavians for hundreds of years, makes this knife ideally suited to woodcutting and perfect for skinning and light splitting work. The flat grind is without a secondary bevel which aids in the ease of sharpening, a better cutting ability and strength whilst carving.

This knife excels at cutting wood. The belly on the knife makes wood come down to the ricasso end of the blade, this is where the knife wants to cut on a normal power cut. The wood just naturally goes there so you just cut and get on with the job.  For batoning this knife goes straight through sizable pieces of wood no problems.  The sharp point enables you to make depressions in wood for starting off a bow drill for instance or piercing cuts into an animal for dressing

1) Recurve Bushcraft Knife with Sambar handle
2) With Yew handle
3) With stabilised Box Elder Burr handle
4) Blue Box Elder Burr handle
5) Brown Box elder hamdle
6) Brown Box Elder Burr handle
7) Dyed Box Elder Burr and matching handled firesteel
8) Box Elder handle and firesteel.  Sheath showing additional dangler strap
9) Purple Box Elder Burr
10) Blue Box Elder Burr
11) Purple Box Elder Burr
12) Green Box Elder Burr handle
13) Birdseye Maple handle with matching handled firesteel
14) Desert Ironwood handle
15) Yew handle and matching handled firesteel.  Sheath showing additional firesteel holder
16) Dyed Box Elder Burr
17) Brown Box Edler Burr
18) Yew handle
19) Birdseye Maple handle
20) Sheath showing how knife and firesteel fit

  • Hand-made by myself from 01 high carbon tool steel, heat treated and tempered to a rc of 58/59
  • Full tang: 110mm x 110mm x 4mm thick with 8mm plus scandi ground bevels.
  • Complete with its own handmade leather belt sheath, certificate of authenticity and knife care instructions

Price starts from £205.00 for the Recurve Bushcrafter

     Watch it in action           Or read about it HERE