I was lucky to attend a course in September 2008 with the legendary Mors Kochanski. Had a great time and met some good people. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get as many photos as I'd wanted to.

I'd planned on taking lots of shots on the last day, hopefully getting one with me shaking Mors hand. As bad luck would have it, the car I was in had a punctured tyre. Needing to get to a garage and not wanting to leave it till last minute, I left early.

Here's a few pics that I did take

1)  Mors teaching survival skills
2)  More teachings from Mors
3)  Showing pictures of survival situations
4) A very enjoyable time


Mors said that a test of a good bushcraft knife is to see if you can carve a netting needle.

Here's a couple of photos showing the needle that was carved on the course using one of my bushcraft knives.

1)  Mors said that a good bushcraft knife will easily carve a netting needle
2)  Here's a netting needle carved with one of my bushcraft knives