Bushcraft Folder

I'd been toying with the idea of making a folder for a while but, to be honest, the time and work that goes into making them is what put me off. Looking around, I noticed that there were no bushcraft folders with true Scandinavian grinds on the market, and this is what spurred me on to make my style Bushcraft Folder.

The next step was to source the materials needed. The steel for the blade and handle material was no problem but, unfortunately, the cost of making the mechanisms here is extortionate which would make the knife a very expensive purchase. To keep the costs as low as possible I opted to use the mechanisms from a DDR kit- the liner locks, pivot pins and fixings.

The blades are MY Style Bushcraft which I make from 01 tool steel; heat treated to 58/59rc and have a Scandinavian grind for that all important ease of sharpening and edge holding when out in the field.

The handle material, as always, is the customer's own choice. False brass pins and lanyard tube are fitted to make it look like a standard bushcraft knife when open. It goes without saying that, with your choice of handle material, you will never see 2 of my knives that are the same.

Strong build and can be used as the standard bushcraft knife. The folding aspect means that it can be carried in your pocket.

1)  Bushcraft folder with Yew Handle
artsexylightbox2) Desert Ironwood
artsexylightbox3) Box Elder handle
artsexylightbox4) Box Elder
artsexylightbox5) Box elder
artsexylightbox6) Desert ironwood
artsexylightbox7) Curly Birch
artsexylightbox8) Masur Birch
artsexylightbox9) Box Elder
artsexylightbox10) Box Elder

Overall length: 205mm

Blade length: 90mm x 28mm x 3mm

Handle length: 115mm

Scandi ground bevels

Price starts at  £240.00 for the Bushcraft Folder

(this price does not include sheath and I'm sorry but nor do I make them)

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